An interview with Martin Evans on Ambit breaking into the media and film industry

Can you tell us a bit about Ambit’s previous experience delivering projects within the film and media industry?

We have been lucky enough to work with Asset TV and Pirate Studios, some of the biggest names in the recording and TV studio industry. For both projects, we completed substantial works in both detailing and installation due to the extensive technical expertise required.

We have an experienced and talented in-house design and technical resources team who benefit from both the precise planning of the works, which coupled with our delivery team who completed the works in the fastest possible time, meant that we met or exceeded all the technical performance criteria set at the outset for our client.


What are the key areas that Ambit excels in when delivering projects within this industry?

The film and media industry have precise functioning requirements within their specialist areas.  As such, detail planning and precision installation are prerequisites to success. We have demonstrated this success by maximising the Ambit teams’ strengths across five key areas; in-house design, technical expertise, supply chain, programme management and quality control.

It starts with the precise setting out and detailing of the design with technical input to ensure functionality across all aspects. Then we work closely with our supply chain to determine the right mix of contractors to deliver the job to our exacting standards and deadlines. Our project team monitor everything closely to ensure that the programme deadlines are met and work proactively to reduce the impact of any issues that might cause slippage. Throughout the process we maintain quality control at every stage, enabling us to safely ‘close out’ areas knowing that the works have been correctly designed and installed and will perform to the highest standards achievable.


Communication is everything, particularly within the media and film industry, how does Ambit achieve effective communication with key stakeholders?

We deliver the highest level of communication with our clients and this is achieved by having open and honest reporting at all times. We actively encourage and promote this within every aspect of our business, including our supply chain and external partners. In addition to the weekly reporting, our team proactively encourage opinions from the client team where there is usually a high level of expertise available. The key factor is to achieve the best resolution and result so that ultimately, everyone is a winner.


Ambit has a dedicated in-house technical and interior design team, how do they deliver value to these projects?

True value is delivered by the utilisation of our in-house team by pre-planning every aspect of the project before the delivery team commences works. All aspects are carefully considered to ensure the correct detailing. This means that when our delivery team commence works, they can proceed in a fast track manner as all aspects have been considered in advance. The value of this in-house team is eventually felt by all the users of the specialist space to ensure it functions as it should, to the highest standards.


Staying on time and on budget can be difficult, how does Ambit achieve this?

The financial breakdown of every aspect of a project is transparent from the outset. Weekly reports are visible for all project team members to see, at all stages. Client changes are inevitable, but these are accommodated swiftly and with clarity, so the client team are informed every step of the journey.

Similarly, to achieve the final agreed timescale, when time is critical, is equally important. We achieve this by monitoring our team and progress on a job on a daily basis and if slippage occurs this is rectified by extending working hours or additional resourcing – all at our cost.


Stakeholder management is critical, how does Ambit manage this process effectively and efficiently?

Our delivery team are always in constant dialogue with key stakeholders. Our senior management team are experienced at managing and nurturing relationships and ensure every aspect of the project is discussed and understood in detail so all acoustic, lighting and general performance criteria are satisfied.


As a booming and forever growing industry, the future is bright. What’s next for Ambit?

Our track record has seen clients repeatedly witness quality teams delivering quality projects. These are delivered without fuss, in a user-friendly manner, ensuring we exceed client requirements every step of the way. The future will continue building on this experience for all clients, ensuring this reputation for delivering high quality projects, on time and on budget, is maintained.

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