Tenant-Ready™ is a comprehensive programme, developed for landlords and operators, to create pre-fitted, or fitted-to-demand, office space. It consists of the design, fit out, furnishing and support of plug and play workplaces together with technology integration.


Why should you choose our Tenant-Ready™ service?

The commercial property market is changing and undergoing its biggest upheaval in decades. Tenants' attitudes toward renting their space are fundamentally changing. The keywords for both tenants and landlords are flexibility, simplicity, and speed.

We have extensive experience designing and delivering pre-fitted office space ready for tenants to occupy. Landlords and operators trust Ambit to provide intelligence, value, and the highest quality. Our Tenant-Ready™ spaces perform in every respect: low cost, ultra-quick to market, rapid to let, and easy to customise.

When you deal with our Tenant-Ready™ team you’ll get access to the complete range of expertise you need to design, fit out and support your product offering, tailored to your building’s local market.