Ambit continues to transform 7 Bishopsgate into Tenant-Ready™ spaces

Working with our long-term client, BentallGreenOak, we have successfully delivered another Tenant-Ready™ workspace at 7 Bishopsgate, designed to withstand the changing needs of the future workforce.

The brief was to transform level 4 into a Tenant-Ready™ workspace that features well-designed, multi-functional areas to accommodate a variety of tenants. Inspired by our previous work in the building, we developed an elevated design concept that aligned with BGO's vision for the space.

Agility and flexibility were core to the design concept, creating a space that allows tenants to work from anywhere. To ensure we did not restrict future tenants' needs, we placed a moving wall between two smaller meeting rooms, giving growing companies the flexibility of a boardroom or larger gathering space for events.

It was important for the space to feel warm and welcoming. To achieve this, we worked alongside the team at BGO to workshop the perfect colour palette for the space. Terracotta feature walls were used to create a cosy booth-like atmosphere in the teapoint without the cost of integrating furniture booths. Placing a focus on health and well-being, we incorporated biophilic elements throughout the space, from planting to shades of green featured within fabric finishes. Oak timber slatted walls further added to the earthy tones within the design, complementing the overarching nature-inspired theme.

Our design team innovatively approached the columns in the open plan area, designing bespoke joinery pieces to sit within, creating a multiple-height hot desking space. The circular shape of the columns was mimicked throughout various areas of the workspace. Subtle curves can be seen in the flooring, a design feature reflected in the ceiling. These strategic design details helped soften the overall space, adding to the welcoming atmosphere of the workspace.

We are proud to have delivered this exceptional Tenant-Ready™ space that not only met but exceeded our client's expectations. The workspace is tailored to the diverse needs of the hybrid workforce, with versatile meeting rooms, social hubs, and customisable workstations. It will serve as a thriving destination for any business.

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