Ambit wins 2023 CCS Leading Lights Award

We are excited to announce that Ambit is the 2023 CCS Leading Lights Award Plastic Reduction category winner for our project on Eversholt Street! The Leading Lights Awards celebrate organisations, Sites and Ultra Sites registered with the Scheme, and individuals in their workforce, that have significantly raised the bar in being a considerate constructor, not just by following, but by going above and beyond the Code.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is a non-profit scheme aimed to raise a positive impact on communities, the environment, and the construction workforce. For the 19th year, the CCS is hosting the Leading Lights Awards where members compete to raise the industry standards, and we are delighted to be taking home the Plastic Reduction award for our Eversholt Street project.

The Eversholt Street project aims to honour the building's history while promoting sustainability. The former Euston ticket hall has had several refurbishments and extensions throughout the years, and our team were excited to be a part of its rich history through this project. Our team focused on preserving the building's heritage while giving it a much-needed modern refresh to withstand future needs and requirements. The results? An exceptional Tenant-Ready™ space for several businesses to call home in the future.  

To ensure we reduced our on-site waste, we followed a three-way strategy: incorporating furniture left behind from previous tenants in the final build or other Ambit projects, donating to community groups and organisations, and reducing items on-site before disposing of any remaining waste.

In the duration of the project, April 2023 and October 2023; 122.07 tonnes of waste were generated of which 96.57% was recycled, 1.63% was sent to energy recovery, and 0% to landfill.

So, how did we do it?

We couldn’t have achieved this award without the help of some incredible local initiatives. For example, the Community Wood Recycling, a nationwide network that collects wood waste from various sources to be repurposed, collected 0.6 tonnes of timber from the Eversholt Street project. Instead of buying new floor tiles, the project used 2592 repurposed raised access tiles. The kitchen was repurposed as a canteen during the construction process, and the team were given mugs, plates, and cutlery to wash in a dishwasher reused on-site instead of single-use plastic. During the project, 11 air conditioning units were disassembled, and parts were recycled accordingly.

Project DIVERT, an award-winning initiative within the ENCORE environment waste management company, rescued 6 pallets of carpet tiles and 12 Globe lights from the Eversholt Street project and donated them to charities and local organisations. Without the help of these incredible organisations and initiatives, our sustainable efforts would be significantly more challenging!

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