Ambit Refurbishes Coal Drops Yard, Unit 2

We have completed a 9,515 sq ft CAT A refurbishment of Unit Two at the historic Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross, transforming it from a former retail space into a shell and core over 12 weeks. Initially built in the 1850s as a coal storage and distribution centre, the project retained the building's historic charm while updating it for modern retail use.

The renovation involved a comprehensive strip-out of existing fixtures, such as counters and a commercial kitchen, which were stored for future reuse. The space was reconfigured into an open plan layout, enhancing its appeal for vibrant retail ventures while focusing on aesthetic and infrastructural upgrades. This included overhauling all mechanical equipment and creating a detailed Operating and Maintenance (O&M) manual.

Structural reinforcements were added as needed, and precise as-built drawings documented the changes. Our commitment to sustainability was underscored by repurposing existing fixtures and maintaining internal greenery. The result is a space that blends historical elements with modern functionality, positioning Unit Two as a prime retail destination in London.

Discover the full case study here.