Q&A with Bob Bruno: Richmond University project and his time at Ambit

We caught up with Bob Bruno, Project Manager of our Richmond University project to find out more about this exciting project and what he loves about being at Ambit.


What is your role on this project?

My role in the project is to manage the building works from the initial design and construction process to the final delivery of the project including co-ordinating services and the Landlord team that are also working within the building.


How long have you been with Ambit?

I have been with the team Ambit for five years delivering various large- and small-scale commercial design and build projects across London.


Why did you join Ambit?

I made the move to Ambit as I had worked with most of the team previously. The Ambit Team are an energetic bunch with a great work/life focus. As a company, we are very engaged with various charitable initiatives, such as: The Lighthouse Club and LandAid.


How do you achieve success in your role?

Every construction project is a unique journey, with twists and turns along the way. This is for many reasons, such as our clients’ needs changing, products and materials being unavailable, or availability of labour and site co-ordination. This is where Team Ambit’s skills come into play! Success for me is finding solutions for my clients, ensuring that their project is kept on track in terms of programme, cost and quality, while providing a safe place of work for everyone. Having a team around me that is focused on the project and understands what is expected of them is the only way to successfully deliver any project. We are so lucky at Ambit and I can happily say that we have a team that is dedicated to every project and owns their role throughout which ensures a successful completion.


What do you love most about what you do?

I really enjoy seeing the daily changes onsite, from co-ordinating and leading the various contractor teams though the project and working with a great bunch of dedicated trained contractors, it makes coming to work all worthwhile.


Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about you.

I am a summer person and enjoy biking and boating. Summer weekends are spent either on the Thames on a small boat I rebuilt a few years ago or on my motorbike, both weather dependant!


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