Barlaya Ltd wanted their latest space at One Strand to be warm, inviting and energising.

One Strand was going to be home for Barlaya Ltd’s newest CAT A+ commercial office space. We needed to create a variety of atmospheres to suit the different areas and stations, as well as adapt and reuse as many construction elements as possible, to make sure that the project cooperated with their company-wide ESG initiatives.  

When Barlaya Ltd approached us with the task of creating a CAT+, tenant-ready commercial office space at One Strand, we were excited to take on the challenge. The brief for the project was to create a welcoming and functional client-facing reception, with a dedicated client-facing teapoint area that serves the reception and meeting rooms.

The client also wanted various meeting room spaces that flowed seamlessly from the business reception, and an open-plan office space that incorporated individual focus workstations, collaborative booths, and warm breakout areas within one space, allowing future tenants to choose their preferred working environment. They also requested that the construction elements such as glazed partitions, doors, ironmongery, grid ceiling, lighting, RAF, heating, and cooling systems be adapted and reused as much as possible - this resulted in a 60% reduction of carbon emissions.

Our team set out to create a space that was not just functional, but also visually stunning. To achieve this, we employed a neutral base colour palette and added warm, inviting colour accents on the walls, around the teapoint, and within the furniture. The colour scheme included white, grey, and black (metal) with pops of burnt orange, greens, and deep blues. This helped to enhance the space and to highlight key existing architectural features such as the arches and windows.

To bring a connection to the outside, we incorporated natural elements, such as the whitewashed oak timber wall panelling alongside various planters throughout the space. We also chose furniture that had specific functions in mind to allow for a variety of workspaces within one office. The fabrics used were tactile yet muted in colour, focusing on warm natural tones such as burnt oranges and greens.

The project took 13 weeks to complete, and was not without its challenges; mainly, these came from re-using existing elements within the space. However, we overcame these challenges by conducting thorough surveys at the start of the project, planning appropriately, and making sure that everyone was perfectly organised.

The final outcome was a stunning Tenant-Ready™ commercial office space that exceeded the client's expectations. The reception was warm and inviting, with a neutral colour palette, natural elements, and pops of colour to create a comforting, yet subtly vibrant atmosphere. The meeting rooms were designed to be professional and collaborative for bigger groups, with larger tables and comfortable seating, as well as relaxed lounge-style discussion spaces for four people or less. This ensured all types of groups were looked after. The open-plan office space was designed to incorporate individual focus workstations, collaborative booths, and warm breakout areas within one space, allowing future tenants to choose their preferred working environment.

The One Strand project demonstrates Ambit's capability to create functional and visually stunning office spaces that meet the client's brief and exceed their expectations, while keeping sustainability a core concern and a central tenant of the project.

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