Ambit is Shortlisted for Two NBCA Awards 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that Ambit was shortlisted for two categories in National Building and Construction Awards (NBCA): Sustainability and Community Engagement! Comprising 19 distinct categories, the National Building and Construction Awards offer an opportunity for any thriving UK enterprise to vie for these esteemed honours. We are honoured to be nominated for two categories of NBCA!

With a comprehensive approach to sustainability, we have demonstrated our commitment to reducing environmental impacts in their building and construction projects. Our recent certification as a B Corp further solidifies our focus on sustainable development. One of our standout projects, Farringdon Road, exemplifies our sustainable practices. The project aims to achieve a LETI rating of A (350kgCO2/m2), showcasing our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Through measures such as using low-carbon materials and innovative finishes like Adaptavate breathaboard, we have achieved significant carbon savings on the Farringdon project. We also emphasise reuse, donating over 500 items of lighting and furniture to local businesses and charities to avoid carbon emissions.

We have shown remarkable efforts to benefit local communities through partnerships and initiatives that make a positive difference. Our partnership with Encore Environment for our Farringdon Road project highlights our commitment to community engagement. By identifying surplus materials in the buildings, Ambit diverted over 6.1 tonnes of reusable materials to local charities, including items like lighting, fixtures, fittings, and furniture. These donations have benefitted various organisations such as TOKKO, Spencer Contact, W5 Church, and the Building Crafts College, fostering positive impacts on vulnerable individuals and community spaces.

Our dedication to sustainability and community engagement sets us apart as industry leaders. Our holistic approach to sustainability, carbon reduction, and community involvement showcases our deeply committed to making a positive impact on both the environment and local communities. By integrating ESG considerations into our projects and services, we exemplify the changing landscape of business priorities and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

As we continue to drive forward with our innovative practices, we prove ourselves as a role model for businesses aspiring to create a meaningful impact in the world of construction and beyond. The recognition through these award nominations reflects our ongoing efforts to lead by example in sustainability and community engagement.


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