Women in Construction

The construction industry is no longer just a man's field, as women are making their mark in this exciting and challenging profession. Discover the stories behind the fantastic women at Ambit as we celebrate their achievements, discuss opportunities and challenges, and champion diversity and inclusion.

Meet Kayleigh, our Head of Design, who has been with us for two years. Her invaluable experience has shaped her insights and offers advice for women navigating the world of construction, “Emulate the person you want to be. This mindset forces you to be in scenarios you may otherwise have thought out of reach. It encourages you to showcase your talents in an industry where you need to prove your abilities continuously. Nothing will be handed to you, so seek a mentor and embrace extra training to develop your skills. This relates to technical knowledge and your personal knowledge, such as communicating well and confidently. This approach will likely challenge traditional gender stereotypes and take some perseverance; however, as you become more resilient and build a strong network of peers with similar values, the achievements will be undeniable.”

Introducing Kimberly, our newest Estimator, who has quickly made an impact in her first three months. Her fresh perspective brings a dynamic energy to the team, and she firmly believes that women in construction are powerful for change and progress in the industry, “As much as we have developed and created more diversity across the construction industry, there is still a stigma, and it can become off-putting for women even to consider a career in construction. Female leaders help to represent our ability and skill, they ensure our voices are heard, and they can inspire young women who are just starting their careers to see what they can achieve.”

Our Business Development Director, Sasha, has an approach that has driven her to the front of the construction industry. Her recipe for success is as inspiring as it is simple, “The industry has changed a lot since I started on-site in 2008. I remember being on-site then and only seeing maybe a maximum of 3-4 other women. Be confident and focus on your dreams. Anything is possible.”

PA to Directors, Paulina, understands the importance of role models in shaping personal and professional growth. She believes that the ideal role model is a blend of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, “The perfect role model should be as creative as Zaha Hadid, as fearless as Wonder Woman, as strong as my sister, as funny as Ellen DeGeneres, as caring as my grandmother, as organised as Monica from Friends and as loving as my mother (as well as the best baker!).”

Our new Junior Designer, Sophie, says her interest in construction came from her dad, “My interest in construction started from an early exposure to the industry, thanks to my dad, an experienced builder. I used to come with him to his projects, sparking a fascination for the process of creation and the intricacies of construction. My passion for creativity led me to a degree in Interior Architecture, where I explored the art and functionality of architectural design. Joining the design team at Ambit felt like a natural move, where I could merge my interests with my academic background, contributing to creative and transformative projects within the construction industry.”

Kristina, our Design Manager, offers powerful advice for women embarking on a career in construction: “Have a vision for your career, but do not be afraid to take risks. I have worked with many wonderful people who have inspired me with their work ethic, knowledge, and energy.  Learning from people who are very good at what they do has always been my strongest inspiration, and this remains the case now that I have joined Ambit.”